My dream home

In the small city where I reside there is one business location where modular homes are for viewing. I enjoy visiting this place. Why? Well, because I don’t have to get permission to go in and view a handful of brand new homes.  Every once in awhile I go there to dream. I call them my mini dream houses.

Every once in awhile an employee will ask if I need help and then they assure me I am fine to dream as much and as often as I would like. So, I keep going back.

i have learned a few things about the type of home that would work for me. You see, I want a functional home. I want a home that is more than just pretty but can serve me well in the best way possible. My dream home has to have a good layout. A functional floor plan is key to a good home.

My dream home would have a sitting room and a family room-out of line of sight from each other. My home needs to have a large kitchen (that could take up a whole post). I enjoy the idea of all or most of the bedroom doors opening up to the family room. I would rather a large closet than a large bathroom. Really! What is the point of a huge master bathroom that is as large as a bedroom? So much floor space is wasted. Give me a nice shower but please spare me the extra floor space.

That extra floor space can be better served in my laundry room. No, not so more clothes can sit on my floor. I have recently discovered the concept of having dressers in the laundry room instead of the bedrooms. You see, dressers in the bedroom are pointless with children. I spend so much time folding clothes, taking piles to their dressers and then they just take everything out to leave on the floor. A huge waste of my time on so many levels. Even my oldest fails to put clothes back in her drawers. I discovered this idea when I got fed up with my laundry situation.

I easily keep up with washing and folding clothes but those clothes take a long time to get back into the bedroom dressers. So, I put a dresser in my laundry room. There is not much room, and it blocks a small part of my washing machine, but laundry has become much easier  clothes get folded and go directly to the dresser  no more clothes on the floor. So, my dream home would have a laundry room large enough for all of the dressers.

Most of my dream home would be very simple and have what most homes have but I would have what I call a snozzle room. It sounds silly but I got the idea from my son’s last school. My son loved the room-a room with sensory items in it.

My son inspires most ideas for my dream home. I need to have built in high shelves and lockable cupboards throughout the house. My kitchen would have to be somewhat closed off to him as well with half doors and whatnot.

I have to admit that I dream of a very functional bathroom that is easy for the care of my son. Yeah, I have ideas of that too.

Anyway, I dream. I dream of a functional home. I dream and I enjoy dreaming.  It is okay to dream, as long as I don’t forget to come out of the clouds.




My tiny unclean home

Every once in awhile I tend to want to just throw absolutely everything out. To just get rid of it all. I am so tired of picking everything up. I am tired of everything getting thrown on the floor as soon as I pick it up. I spent a good portion of yesterday getting my kitchen organized and clean-sure doesn’t look like it now. Today I did the same for the living room. Same thing-doesn’t look like I touched it in weeks. Granted, it isn’t that it is a large mess it just looks like it because my house is so small. But why do I even bother to have a clean house or to even attempt to clean it while children are awake?

I often wonder if there is something wrong with me.  Why can’t I keep my house clean? I must be a horrible housekeeper! Why do I even try? However, I realize those are not very positive thoughts so I gather my energy and get to work. I keep trying because I desire good. I desire peace of mind. I desire that my children at least get a minute of a clean house every once in awhile so that maybe their memories will not be just on the idea that I failed to clean well.

I have to admit that I also envision myself in a larger home. A home where there is a nice living room free of children’s mess and a family room that can be a huge mess all of the time. That room, in my dreams, is also out of sight from the living room. Get the idea?

the great thing about my house is that I rarely have visitors. That works well because I don’t even have a couch. Which I sometimes enjoy because that means I do not have to clean out under the couch cushions-because I don’t even have a vacuum. Yeah-poor me.

The benfit of my house is that there are no carpets. I got rid of the rugs-they were a pain. When it does come time to cleaning I just sweep everything into a large pile. That works well for a few benefits. The whole mess gets put into the middle of the room and the rest of the room looks clean. Want to get a room clean real quickly? Just sweep everything into the next room you need to clean. Tah dah, room clean in a minute.

I do have to remember though that it is okay to not have things perfect. Messes are a part of life. Having a home that gets cleaned and messed up often does not really mean I am a horrible housekeeper-it just means we live in our house.