Keeping it all together

It takes great planning to take my children somewhere. Sometimes it works and other times my efforts leave me rather ragged, especially if some unexpected things come into play.

Today I attended a large service project with my church. They had babysitting for most of it. At one point they needed another serger and so I quickly went home to get one and brought it for others to use. Sadly it did not work. It was great to help out though and even watch my oldest daughter as she participated. For a few short minutes I was without children needing my attention.

Following the service project we were served dinner. It was at this point that my children returned to me. They didn’t want to eat as they didn’t like the options served for us adults (they had been food in another room). I attempted to eat my food but it took awhile as I had to keep chasing down my son who was stealing dessert off people’s plates that had been left unattended.

As soon as I finished my food I decided it was time to go. I gathered up my youngest-who had wandered off to play. I found my three year old and wrestled my son toward the exit. My son kept trying to take his place laying on the floor so my task was already turning out difficult. On the way out I remembered the serger so I went to gather that. Mind you, I was making sure not to put down the youngest as I didn’t want to chase her. While I was getting the serger my son went off in another direction and my oldest came to me with a problem that needed solving (sweeping up broken glass). With as many kids as I had with me at that moment I left the serger and took care of the broken glass. My oldest also handed me something else to carry and then she ran off to finish her project.

My attempts to leave the building must have been quite comical. After the glass was clean (hard to do that holding a kid), I chased the other two down, got my son to my purse, forgot I needed the serger so went and got the serger–left my son at the purse–then gathered the container of items–nope, that came last I forgot that near where I picked up the serger.  Are you still following me? Can you figure out where my kids are? Well, I was surprised I could find them at that point in my adventure too.

When I finally managed to get all my kids, but the oldest, the serger and my purse I tried to do it all and realized it would not work–not with a boy who refused to walk. This is where I threw in the towel.  I put down my purse and the serger. I put down my youngest but maintained a hold on her shirt (I was not about to chase after her) and put my son on my back. With him on my back and a kid at each hand I attempted, again, to leave the building. It was at this point I couldn’t help but laugh and even caught a few teenagers laughing along.

There I was with a disabled boy on my back, not holding on well, my three year old struggling to stay on task and my youngest refusing to walk. My only option to quickly exit was to pick up the youngest and walk as quickly as possible without dropping anyone or falling.

Finally! Finally! I had made it to the car. It was much quicker to buckle my children in their car seats than to exit that building. Exhausted, I quickly ran back in to retrieve my purse, the serger and the container of objects my oldest had handed to me.

I have to say that I was very happy to have my kids in the car, at least the three youngest. It took thirty minutes. Thirty minutes?! Next time I plan better. However I did get a thirty minute workout.


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