Today has been a slow day. The weather is cooling down. Cooling don enough that I have turned on my heater and when we left the house today I covered my children with blankets. Way too cold way too soon. What happened to Summer?  What happened to warm weather? I am cold. I freeze at night and require four blankets on top of me. My children kick the blankets off.  I spend all night covering them up to ensure they are warm enough.

With the change of weather and the onset of school also means the beginning of sicknesses. My son brought it home-whatever it was.  It is enough to cause congestion and a runny nose.  It is enough to pass on to other children in the family.  I know many people flip out when their children get sick from other children. You know, I am all for preventing disease and doing your best to not pass stuff on but I am not the kind if parent who freaks out. I figure it is just a part of life. My kids will get sick. That doesn’t mean I enjoy the moment.

Today, three out of my four children have some form of this cold. I am grateful it is not extremely bad, although the youngest seems to have gotten the worst of it. This means I get to hold my youngest while she sleeps and cuddles in my arms.  I can be grateful it has been an easy day.  I had enough healthy snacks in the house that everyone has had enough to eat and everyone has been able to rest.

I always tell people that there are two things I hate with being a parent…okay, so I know there are two but my brain. An only think of one at the moment.  That one is the biggest one. I hate being a parent when my children are sick. Not because they need me constantly but because I feel so helpless and there is little to nothing I am able to do for them excep love them.

When children are sick the compassion needs to come out no matter how frustrated it may be to meet their demands. It teaches us to slow down and put aside our wants because somebody else really does need us.


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