Ice cream and chocolate

I swear there is never an ending in sight to the messes children make. I have spent the last few weeks trying to catch up. It is not working. At. All. Really? Every time I turn my back to clean an area there is a bigger mess happening behind me. Welcome to motherhood. Welcome to parenthood.

Even though the house is still a disaster I do have some things I can feel joyous about accomplishing.  I finally recovered my hideous chairs.  There were already five covers in them that means somebody loves those chairs enough to recover them at least four times.

I also got my car cleaned out. Yay. Ok, not so yay. It is the simple things in life that can bring tons of excitement. What has my life turned into? Shouts of joy and excitement at a clean car? In fact, it isn’t even all the way clean. I went to two different car vacuum cleaners. One did not work and the other was occupied. I tried my own little weakling of a vacuum (I don’t think it can ever truly count as a vacuum) and before I finished it stopped sucking. It was mostly done though. Car seats washed and cleans. Gross and gross. What a pain. But they are cleaned. The day after I reinstalled them into the car I decided my car was never going to remain clean. I removed some seats and moved the bench seat and reinstalled car seats. Yay. Really. This time is the real yay. Why? Having to climb into the back to buckle kids is difficult. The new arrangement leaves more room for the wheelchair and I do not have to stick my butt out for the world to see while I climb in The back–because I can firmly keep my feet on the ground.

Even though I managed to complete at least two things I was still found myself in need of something more. After a day of screaming kids and never ending cleaning I stopped. I locked the kitchen gate, got out the carton of ice cream and sat on the floor near the sink-out of eyesight from my children-and enjoyed sweet delicious chocolate. It was great! One kids caught me. She glared at me in her own silly way. She was more appalled at my lack of a bowl than not sharing.  It was exactly what I needed-at least temporarily.


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