all a part of life

Whatever “it” is it is a part of life. It is what it is and so forth. Whatever you want you “it” to be you can that happen.

Today, it just was what it was. We had just arrived at my mother’s home after a long day of driving.  This was probably the fifth time this summer we had come this way. This time we waited a few hours for her return back from the airport-returning home after surgery. The goal is for me to be her hands and do the things she cannot do while she heals and goes through cancer treatment.

So, here we were waiting. Moments after getting one child to sleep and before going downstairs to tend to the next child I heard a loud clunk followed by a scream.

I headed down and grabbed my three year old from her older sister’s arms. My daughter relayed the incident to me-at least they were having fun prior-and I felt my daughter’s head for any bump or sign of injury. I felt nothing so we continued to wait for my mother.

Just a few minutes prior to my mother waking in the door my three year old walk passed me. For some reason I put my hand on her head and I felt stickiness. Sticky hair happens when you have kids-probably just slightly less than sticky hands. It took just a moment for me to realize what was in her hair. So…off to the bathroom to wash the wound and get a better look.

By the time I saw the wound it had already stopped bleeding. I was left wondering to myself if I should take her to the ER (too late for the clinic or urgent care) or if she would be fine with home care. During my debate my mother and stepfather walked in. They offered their advice and set me up with their first aid products.

Tonight my little girl sleeps with a tiny bit less hair, near the wound, and a pink bandage on her head.

Tonight was an “it” kind of night. I am here thinking of it all and the debate that many parents go through-wether to take their kid to the doctor or not. We freak out with all sorts of amount of blood. We wonder if it is bad enough to warrant the expertise of a doctor. We wonder and question our own knowledge and ability to provide simple first aide to our children. There are a number of more things involved that we consider too. When we finally decide, on those iffy ones, we doubt our decision.

Granted, if it was still bleeding I would have taken her in. If it was worse I would have taken her in. Last year my son injured his forehead. It was not debatable. It was obvious he needed stitches. years ago I met a family. They were about to leave their home to take their child to the ER for a cut on the  finger (it was a very, very minor cut).

Needless to say,some things are obvious yea or no injuries. Others are not. What do we do then? At some point we have to trust our parenting and make a decision. At some point we cannot be afraid that our decision will scrutinized (there will always be someone who will). We just have to do. We have to take our “it” that happened and do whatever we feel best.

Today I did what I felt best. I will continue to do what I feel best-which does not mean neglecting the wound. I will be a mother and a parent.


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