a long summer

This has been an exhausting summer.  I realized this as I lay in bed. It was after a very long day full of screaming and me wondering about my place as a mother.  I have more of those moments this summer than any other. Of course it may just seen harder than normal, but it is what it is.

Being as things are what they are let us reflect on the truthfulness of parenting. No glossing over what it is really like and pretending everything is always perfect.

Life as a parent of young children can be summed up in at least one word. Screaming. Yes indeedy, you got that right. Life with kids is full of a screams. It is either them screaming or they make you want to scream.

My day today was full of screams. Every time I stood up, sat down, left the room, or did anything at all it was met with screams. Then there was the constant screaming over toys or irritation from siblings. Finally it comes to a head and all I want to do is scream and to prevent myself from injuring my children, of which I would not do, so I stick them in the car to contain them so we can go on a drive and I can regain my sanity.

Life with small children can be trying but I do know it is not always that way. There is so much love and affection that children often give mixed with the joy they bring to life. So, I cannot really complain.  I do love my children and enjoy all of the time I have with them minus the screaming.

As a side note: because all children, unless for some physical reason, scream. Screaming will sometimes get to be too much for the parent. As the parent it is important to remember that it is okay to walk out of the room and let your child keep screaming. It is okay to call on someone to give you a break. Why? Because too many people lose their cool and end up hurting the screaming child instead. When that happens it is never good.  Screaming may cause you to feel like you are going to lose it. It is important to maintain self control at least long enough until you remove yourself from the situation–which is why you should not be ashamed to call on help. Be smart even when their is screaming.


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