finding the time

In my home I have to hide things to avoid certain destruction.  Markers, crayons, pencils and pens are all hidden or locked up as best as I can. Of course that mean my children may not get the opportunity to color as often but it has not hampered their creativity. I also hide away anything that has the ability to be ripped or folded. This includes paper, mail, pictures, books and so forth. One of those items is sewing patterns.

My son loves sewing patterns. They seem to be one of his favorite things to fold and rip.  As a treat I will periodically buy him some cheap ones at a thrift store. If I fail to lock up my sewing patterns I will suffer the consequences.

Not too many months ago I misplaced the lock to my sewing cabinet. While I was out of the room my son got the patterns and had a wonderful time with them. While he enjoyed the patterns my youngest enjoyed the thread. It was a mess that I just threw in my cabinet with frustration and avoided-until today.

Today was my sewing cabinet cleaning day. I figured that I would never get to sewing again if I did not clean up the mess I tried so hard to avoid.

I had about six patterns that needed sorting and taping back together. I also had everything else to sort through so I could enjoy my hobby once again. My task took much longer as I tried to fight the youngest ones for the thread and bobbins as they tried to help me. I can’t tell you how many times I picked up the buttons, and even though they tried to get to the pins I managed to keep them from them. (What is it with small children and the desire to play with poky things?)

All in all, it was a success but the event tried to get me down as I wondered why I even bother. However, I will still bother. I have to because if I do not then I will have given up. I cannot do that now, can I?


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