The Prius butt support group

I know it is a weird title, but I think people need to start speaking up.

I drove several hours today in a Prius. This was my sister’s vehicle. She let me use it to save gas. By the time I got to my destination I was very sore. On my way home I told my sister I could not understand how she could travel anywhere in the vehicle because it was so uncomfortable. She laughed and told me she thought it was just her. Then told me she kept a pillow in the car to sit on. Sorry to say but that pillow did no good.

It was not just my butt that hurt but almost my entire body. At one point it seemed my back was going numb. Even my feet began to hurt. My daughter in the seat next to me also complained of discomfort. To occupy my mind I began to draft a letter in my head to the makers of Prius.

Dear Prius Maker,

I have recently experienced a trip driving one of your cars. I love the fact that I can save so much money on gas. I even like that I can see my average miles per gallon usage. However, I feel I need to speak up for all the people too afraid to say what is on their minds.

Although your car is great on gas mileage it is a very painful experience to sit in. This vehicle makes my butt hurt as well as my back, legs and feet. This isn’t just me that feels the pain, but other drivers too. Most people are likely too afraid to speak of their butt pain and so we may need to create a Prius butt pain support group.

A support group would help people realize that it is not just them. It would also give them courage to speak up and insist on a better seating design.

You see Prius, it isn’t just the pain that is the problem it is what happens as a result of the pain. The pain is so great that a person just wants it to end. The only way they can end the pain is to drive faster to their destination.

Speeding is against the law and it increases the danger on the road. This puts everyone, even non Prius drivers at risk. Do you really want that on your conscience?


A woman with a pain in the butt

I don’t think they would take my letter too seriously, but it kept me occupied while I sped home as safely as possible. One thing is for sure, I will do everything I can to never drive a Prius again unless I am testing a new seat. And another thing: I will steer clear of all Priuses on the road as the drivers are likely in great pain and their driving is impaired.

To all of you Prius drivers: I am so sorry for the suffering you endure. If anyone is truly interested in starting a support group just let me know. I will join you, but in the meantime do not be afraid to speak up as you will find you are not at all alone.


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