dirty-that’s right

imageI went to change my daughter’s diaper. When I grabbed her pants the dirt started falling off. The diaper was even worse.  Full of dirt. It was very clear I had a dirty kid on my hands.

Both younger children were covered in dirt, literally, from head to toe.  Oh, let’s not forget one had been tasting it too. That was clear by the evidence all over her mouth and face.

Several times this week my children, mainly the youngest, have been out  in public with dirty faces and stained or dirty clothes.  Why? Because they are kids. That is what happens. They get dirty.

Of course I do wonder what people might be thinking of a me as a mother, but I brush it off as quickly as possible. If you really think about it and are honest with yourself, how many times have you actually judges or looked down on a parent because their children have dirt on them? I am sure I have done. I have wondered, but dirty happens, it just does.

A dirty kid might also give you something to ponder about such as what got the child so dirty. Are they just coming home from mud volleyball? Did they have a wrestling match in swimming pool of chocolate pudding? Were they saving their sibling from the giant meatball?

Every dirty kid has a story as well as the parent they are seen with. My dirty children do not mean I am a bad mother, it just means I am a mother who has children that are, well, children. It also means I sometimes rush out the door with children in tow and forgetting to get their faces washed.

The goal now is to just keep them clean until they go to bed.


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