not normal

What is normal? Definitely not me. As a child I never thought I was strange. The older I get the more I feel like I just do not fit in with society.  I recognize my awkwardness in social situations.  I recognize that I am likely an odd duck amongst many odd ducks.

My home is just as odd as I am. The kitchen table was banned from the kitchen, my my bed in my sons room and his bed turned into mine but without a frame. My bedroom turned into the multi-purpose room while the girls’ rooms turned into the closet, playroom, and their actual sleeping quarters. Oh, and the living room is the office, sitting area, family room and dining room. If I can help it the bathroom will remain strictly the bathroom. The only other room in the house that maintains its original purpose is my son’s room because the kitchen is also the laundry  room. Well, technically the laundry room is in its own area off the kitchen with a curtain as its door.

This is small house living. You make do with what little you have and any amount of possessions you own look like you own too much. This past month, when not at a family member’s home I have been tackling the possessions we do own. It has been entertaining, I just do hope nobody decides to visit me because the whole place is a disaster. Yes, a total disaster. A disaster that will be worth it in the end because I tore everything apart just to put everything back together again. Of course tearing one thing apart means tearing it all apart because everything gets moved. What a mess!

But hey, I have my own bed again, and all my children have their own place to sleep.


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