one race

In my effort to find sanity today–I was really frustrated at my parenting–I decided to take the children out. I figured we would stay in the car for most of the outing. A planned stopped to fill up a prescription and pick up a few special foods for my guy. An easy trip.

I learned long ago that I needed to dress nicely if I was feeling down. I was going out, this was a perfect time to feel nice so I put on some new high heels that I received as a gift. I immediately felt the effects of the higher altitude. How in the world people ever wear anything that I high I will not understand. So off we went.

On the way to fill up prescriptions I ssaw an event going on at the park. “Great,” I thought, “this is the perfect thing for today.” By the time I parked and we got to the park my feet were killing me. I was not going to give up right then though, so we stayed and walked a bit more than my feet could handle. By the end I wanted my shoes off but they were buckled on. Who puts buckles on shoes?  They worked, the shoes stayed on. It did not matter that my feet hurt though because it was worth the stop.

While there part of the entertainment was performed by a Native American group.  It was beautiful to hear the drums, singing, and watch the dancers all at once. Tears were even welling up inside because it was that touching, and that good. A few things stand out to me from the whole performance though.

Before any dancing or singing one of them introduced who they were. He then mentioned the recent horrible shooting in Orlando, Florida. He requested everyone stand for a moment of silence–to which everyone did. Then he continued and talked about how we need to quit the violence and that we need to be “one race.” One race, one nation, one large group of people who may be different but have the power to stand united.

After such a touching opening statement the performance continued. Prior to the end the same person spoke again on culture and the attempt to keep the Native American culture alive in a world where it is easy to get distracted. Then he offered a prayer in English followed by his native language.

Near the end an audience member requested that they end with the circle dance. The circle dance was explained and commenced. This was a dance for everyone. Everyone. A perfect act for the perfect statement that began the performance. “One race.” I then watched as almost all the audience members joined in. It was quite wonderful to watch all the different  types of people running up to take part, even after it began. This was definitely a show of true unity and spirit.



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