the real world

The real world of being a mother for some people may be all perfect. Really, I am sure it is. They have the finances to rarely, if ever, worry about providing for their children. They could even afford what needs and wants their children desire to keep them satisfied and buy them time. I do not have that kind of life. I can only dream of the impossible, or likely to never happen.

Do not get me wrong. I am usually an eternally optimistic person. I almost always happy and look at the bright side of everything. Everything. However, there are times where the real world slaps me in the face and reminds me that my existence as mother is….it just is.

I love being a mother, but I will be honest. I really dislike being a single mother. I really dislike some things about it. Mainly that I am the only one that the children can cling to. My day usually starts with something like this:

“Oh, kids are still sleeping. Yay. I can get up and do something before they wake up.”

“Oh, I got up. They are now up. There goes that idea.”

“Oh, they are quiet, why don’t I try doing something important that does not involve children.”

“Oh, they read my mind. How did they know? Why am I always the jungle gym.”

It starts that way and it never ends. You see the funny parody videos made of this exact thing. We end up laughing, because it is mostly true. What most mothers are likely to leave out is the tears and major frustration. You turn your back and your children will destroy everything. You sit down, ever, and they insist on being held. The days are full of screaming, feeding, screaming, crying, needy children that seem to refuse to ever do anything by themselves. On top of that is the repeat cycle. It just never stops. Ever. Sure, I could pay a babysitter…if I had money.  Sure, it must just all be because I might not discipline…yeah, that is not the problem. It is just life. For me it is four children, two with special needs, who desire my attention almost all of the time. The plus side: I may be able to get rid of the toys since they think I am the jungle gym and they refuse to play with what they have. Sadly, I will keep those things around because I am hopeful that one day they will decide that playing with toys is way better than climbing on mom and screaming or crying all of the time.

Being a parent does not mean being perfect. Life as a parent can be very joyful, but it  can be very tiring. So, since my children are crying (I has taken a long time to even write this since I have had to tend to them) I think it is now time to take them on a drive and see if I can regain my sanity.

To all you moms who do not have it perfect: Hang in there you. You got this.



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