Not too many months ago I received my first “real” camera. What a difference that made. Yes, I know that it is not the camera that makes the picture good, but it helps. It helps to have something that is not broken or not fun to take pictures with. It opened up a whole new world for me. It provided a way to learn something new that was challenging. It was something to keep me busy.

As a result of having a fun camera I have so many pictures of my children I can no longer count them. It has been fun to capture moments that are slipping by so quickly. It is a chance to freeze time. I admit, I have to remind myself to step away and make sure I am not forgetting to actual make memories too.

The other side effect of having a nice camera and learning the art behind photography is that it provided me an opportunity to heal from my past marriage. It was the perfect distraction for me….I needed it.

That all said. I am loving photography. I have also learned that it often invites a desire for perfectness. Perfect, perfect, perfect pictures. Perfect lighting, perfect skies, perfect exposure and so forth. I have had to learn to break away from perfect and learn to embrace the not-so-perfect. (disclaimer: I am not saying photography is really this way)

It has created an opportunity for me to evaluate how I see the world and what I really expect from it. Think about it: we have all this technology at our disposal these days that are to create perfect results for all things that we forget there are blemishes all around us. We forget that it is okay to have blemishes in our lives. Take, for instance, the produce section of your local grocery stores. Perfect produce with little to no blemishes. If there were blemishes many people likely would not buy them. I mean really, who wants the odd-shaped tomato versus the perfectly shaped tomato?

I could go on and on with my opinion, but I will leave it at this: I will be okay writing blog posts without pictures. I may even add pictures post writing, or not at all. It does not mean I am flawed, or that the post is flawed. It is just how life is.


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