clean and dirty children

Pretty much everywhere you look there are images of perfectly clean children. Really, they are as clean as can be. No food on their face, no dirt or stains on their clothes, unless it is an advertisement for detergent or something similar.

To get children clean they need to be washed, and what better way to do that than in the tub. There are several ideas, practices, ideals, and so forth that explain how often you need to wash your children. Despite washing them they will always get dirty again and baths just may  not happen every day. You know what? That is okay.

Prior to baths this evening my two youngest were playing in the front yard. They went to the fence and I heard a ton of giggling. When I next looked up I saw my silly goose dropping a whole handful of dirt on my little monkey’s head. It did not matter what I said, they were determined to cover each other with dirt.

For a moment I was trying to encourage it to stop and realized that I did not need to. They were having fun and not doing anything wrong. Why did I need to stop them? Really? Whatever thing in society makes me think I need to stop them is just wrong. Why can’t we just let children play and explore? So, I let them continue without complaint from me. Of course, they stopped the moment I came to that conclusion.

Before going in for baths the little monkey came to play with me. I had a small lapse in memory and picked her up holding her above my head. Dirt rained down on me. That was definitely the cue to take them in for baths.

I can tell you that with the amount of dirt they had on them they seemed to have been bathed in mud. Once the water was gone I had the evidence showing me just how much dirt there was along with the dirty task I had ahead of me to clean the tub.


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