to have or not to have nice things

Several years ago I visited with an elderly lady.  Inside her little home were nice things.  Antique furniture was spread throughout. Everything was beautiful and nice. She told me how she had never made more than $29,000 a year. She had also kept financial records for every single penny (seriously) that she had spent. She learned how to live off of very little. To have nice things she found what people were discarding and learned how to refurbish them. By the looks of her home she was very skilled.

Not many weeks later she gave me her dishes. She explained to me that she no longer wanted those dishes because she realized that she had neglected the use of her fine china. She was getting older and wanted to use them. Why not? It was this that began my desire for nice.

Fast forward several years and I can tell you that it is very discouraging to have nice things. My disabled son has managed to break many nice things over the years. Things that may not have monetary value but they meant “nice” for me.

One place I have found some fun and nice things are thrift stores. Once I realized what  vintage snack plates and cups were I had to buy some. (Why don’t stores put them together? My generation and younger have no clue what they are unless paired correctly.)

I try to remember to take them out…like the time I took them to my daughter’s school for lunch. I heard the younger children whispering and wondering if we were rich.

nice things (1 of 3).jpg

Of course, I should have already learned not to multitask from the other day. While I was getting this snack ready my brother called. While we talked a few things happened all within a few seconds of each other. My youngest, the Monkey, decided is was more fun to play in the “hot” chocolate.

nice things (2 of 3).jpg

Once I turned my back she took that little cup and banged it on the plate which now takes residence in my trash can.

nice things (3 of 3)

Yeah. My poor pretty and fun and nice plate (insert a sad pouty face). However, it is okay. It broke. Things break. I have gotten used to that fact. I will still enjoy nice things. We all need nice, fun, and pretty (if you can stand pretty). We need it because life is hard. We need those nice things to break up the sad and to add a little bit of sunshine and hope to the dreariness that often accompanies the everyday.



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