the art of not multitasking

Last night I attempted to multitask. Who does that? People have mentioned to me that they think I am great at multitasking. I beg to differ. Although I may have several things happening at once I can really only effectively do one thing at a time. It might be a few seconds back and forth devoted for each task, but I am really only doing one thing at a time. Maybe that is my problem. I tend to take on too much at one time which result in less than stellar results…or none at all. Let’s take into consideration last night:

Prince wanted his favorite thing for dinner. I was going to have him help me so I put an apron on him. While I was at it why not just have the other children help make a dessert while we waited for water to boil for dinner. It did not take long for Prince to be gone. I had three other kids; they could help. Yeah right. Before  Prince’s food was even finished and noodles in the now boiling water I had kicked them all out of the kitchen. Too much at once. There are times I need to recognize that the desire was there but it was just bad timing. So I turned to a much easier dessert later that night. Way easier and all it pretty much required was stirring…to which Goose took over quite well. I guess I can be grateful that the biggest mess I had from my attempt at making dessert was just a few clean dishes to put away.



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