Not So Pinterest Perfect

For years my sister and I have joked about how much we live in a Pinterest Perfect world. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest. I love the ideas and especially the pictures. I love it! What I do not love is what has happened as a result:  the pressure to live in what I call a Pinterest Perfect world. Everything needs to be perfect. Everything in your home needs to be tidy, including the way you plate your dinner.

One great thing Pinterest has done for me is helped me understand that I want more “pretty” in my life. Why not make things beautiful? It has not done favors in other areas. Not too many years ago I created something and my friend asked if I got it off of Pinterest. Yay!!!! I succeeded. I had not gotten the idea or instruction off of Pinterest. What it did for my self esteem, momentarily, was great. I felt like I had trudged through a battle and was talented enough for someone to think my simple, and likely, crude idea was successful and beautiful enough for Pinterest. I was Pinterest worthy. Then came the downfall. I was not worthy of Pinterest and I knew it. I was a one shot wonder gal and my feelings of success could not last forever.

I continue to learn how to be fine with what I have and be okay with my own progress without caring what Pinterest followers like or do. I have to admit that some of my favorite pins on Pinterest are actually the ones that do not look perfect. Those people had to have the biggest self esteem ever because they were proud enough to share whatever they could do despite the ability for ridicule from internet beasts that feed on imperfections.

As a mother to four children, two that have special needs (one severe, one not so severe), I do not have a Pinterest Perfect world. I have a mess. There are days that I go to bed at night and think that my children must be telling me through their actions, “bring it on Mom.” It is that challenge they give me that keeps me going even through tears and laughter (not always associated with each other but could be present at the same time)….

Believe or not, I also am willing to bet that most moms have a life similar to what I see everyday because children make messes. People live, they have to eat, they use the bathroom, they throw up, they sleep in beds that get messy, and so forth. Some are near perfect at keeping up with the mess. I am not yet perfect in that area because I also play with my kids and am the jungle gym, the horse, the bridge, the hugger, the pillow, the tickle monster, the taxi driver, maid, cook, nurse, counselor, educator, and everything else my children need me to be. So, yeah, “Bring it on Mom!” I’ve got this covered.



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